Well, in the first place, because that is the rule according to the Constitution of the Association (a copy of the constitution is included in this site).

Secondly, because it is your duty as a Sudanese surgeon (whether you are in the Sudan or abroad, and whether you carry another passport or not), and that is what makes Nations strong – solidarity and union – and that is what will support the development of a very strong Sudan Association of Surgeons

The Sudan Association of Surgeons is now growing stronger, and is a founding member of the Pan African Association of Surgeons (PAAS), and is actually the official representative of the North African Region. Relationship with the Pan Arab Association of Surgeons is another stronghold. As a member of the Association you get the benefit of early notification of upcoming conferences, workshops or seminars, as well as all the facilitations SAS may be able to offer.

Registering and paying all your subscriptions duly entitle you to all the academic and social privileges of the Association, the social security programme, the SAS Correspondence, the upcoming SAS Journal of Surgery, the National and International visiting surgeon programme, the computer and internet instruction course and all other services provided by the Association including the annual conference (at reduced cost).