Suggestions for the constitution

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Suggestions for the New constitution of Sudan Association Of Surgeons

Presented by: Dr M.S.Elfil, MB, BS, FRCSI

 President of Sudan Association of Surgeons

A/Strategic aims:

  1. To improve the standard of surgical services provided both for the public and private centers together with ministry of Health and Sudan medical council by having:
  • Auto regulation and protection of the profession.
  • Promote and implement evidence based practice.
  • Agreed and implement guidelines and protocol which are subject to regular review and updating.
  • Develop and implement clinical governor and audit.
  • Implement modern cancer services with multidisciplinary activities and develop accurate cancer registry.
  • Insuring reasonable high standards of working environments in particular infrastructure and technical supporting staff.
  • Active involvement in the appointment of surgical committees for Sudan medical council.
  • To help developing other surgical societies, recognition and co-operation.
  • Involvement in pharmaceuticals, instruments and equipments approval to insure patient safety and good surgical practice.
  • To develop animal laps for training and research purposes.
  • Standardizing the graduate and post graduate levels of surgical knowledge and skills in liaison with medical schools, post graduate institutes, Sudan medical council, Sudan medical specialization board. And ministry of health.

  1. Promote the art and science of surgery by:
  • Continuous professional development(CPD)
  • Organizing regular high standard, world recognized workshops and courses.
  • Develop surgical skills centers of excellence for continuous training with recognized certificates
  • Promote surgical researches focusing in solving local problems.
  1. Members services and support:
  • Promote and protect the image of surgeons and surgical services, regaining and maintaining public trust in the profession with prevention of the media abuse and negative thoughts and publicity.
  • To look for descent financial rewords for the service provided by members to insure dignified living as well as recognition
  • To insure providing legal services support, and develop medical protection services for the members.
  • Continuous professional development.
  • Develop health, financial and medical support services for the members (social office)
  • Crises support.
  • Develop after retirement old age support.
  • Organize regular social activities and promote inter collegial friendship.

B/ Membership:

  1. Full: confined to surgeons recognizes as exclusively engaged in the practice of surgery in the Sudan and registered in the Sudan medical council.
  2. Associate: possible for all persons engaged in medical science.
  3. Honorary: persons who, in the opinion of general assembly would further the aim of the association.
  4. Every member should have a membership card showing his number and the date on which he joined the association.

C/Election of members:

  1. Full: apply to secretary but would only be elected at general meeting of the full members, a simple majority of the full members will suffice.
  2. Associate and honorary members: to be elected by a simple majority of the general assembly after having been proposed by at least one member and seconded by another.
  3. Election of council:


  • The general assembly elects the council by open ballot.
  • No member should give his vote until he has paid all necessary subscriptions.
  • No member has the right for more than one vote.
  • No member has the right to deputize another member to give his vote.
  • Any member has the right to protest against any election.

The protest should be raised to the general assembly.

     b/only full member are eligible to vote. In any problem before the general assembly or council once the votes are equal, the president vote should be casting vote.

     c/ 1. the council is composed of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and three other members+ representatives of other surgical societies and representatives of surgeons in UK , Ireland, Saudi-Arabia.

  • The council act as an executive body for the association.
  • It performs all necessary functions on bhalf of the general assembly and prepare for the annual conference.

2. all council members should be elected by general assembly foe 3-5 years , including the president and vice president with consideration only to capability and willing to serve the community without adhering to age or years of graduation, however in cases of dispute between two members , the year of qualification is ana advantage.

    d/ Every office should form committee of 5-10 members, headed by the council member to share the work of the office and deliver responsibilities to the members.

   e/ the council has to develop subsidiary regional councils in the capital of the provinces to coordinate local activities on behalf of the council.

D/finance and funds:

The association funds are derived from:

  1. Monthly subscription by all members is between 50-100 sp.
    Or annual subscription of 500 sp.
  2. Entrance fee of 100 sp to be paid by full members on application for membership.
  3. Fees for courses and training programs.
  4. Donation from charity organizations, institutes, companies and individual support.
  5. Governmental bodies.
  6. Investment and trading.

The association money should be banked under the name of the association , cheques for drawing money should be signed by both treasurer and either secretary or president.

The treasurer should give a recipet for any amound withdrawn from the association’s money.


The treasurer in consultation with the council should prepare the annual budget and present it into the general assembly for approval, a copy from the approved budget should be sent to the registrar of societies.

Audition of account:

A recognized auditor nominated by the general assembly should inspect the association account annually before it is presented to the general assembly.

E/Meetings and administrations:

a/frequency : a general meeting should be held least once a year or more often as decided by the council .

b/the meetings are to be held within the period October and March , the exact date to be fixed by the council.

c/place: Khartoum should the place where most meeting would be held ,but it is the desirable that every third year a meeting should be held in provincial hospital.

d/ Extraordinary meetings.

Should be called for when necessary by the council.

e/ meetings of council: the council should meet whenever invited by the president.

f/ Quorum: at the general meeting: presence of two- thirds of the full members would make a quorum.


i/ general assembly is the ultimate authority in the association. It elects the council and it approves the annual budget.

  • Amend the constitution by votes of two – thirds of the members present.
  • Amendment of regulation: no regulation can altered except at a general meeting and with approval of two- thirds of full members.
  • The assembly should confine all its activities to strategic aims mentioned above.
  • Internal regulations shall not canceled or amended without the approval of the general assembly.
  • If the general assembly decides, to make addition to, or if it decides to amalgamate partly or wholly with any other society, an application for registration must be sent to registrar of societies showing such cancelation , addition, amendment, or amalgamation.
  • The association should not be dissolved without the approval of at least three-fifth of the full members.


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