Sudan Association of Surgeons

The 42nd International Scientific Conference

Abstract Submission



Abstract submission is open to all Surgeons in different specialties, including young residents in training and fellow researchers.
All submitters are requested to complete the on-line SAS and conference registration forms before submission. None –Sudanese doctors are not obliged so complete the SAS registration form. After submission, the member is automatically contacted by the scientific committee to confirm receiving his abstract.

Language and Format

Abstracts must be submitted in English, correctly spelled and carefully checked. Text must be single-spaced, and not exceed 300 words. If accepted for presentation, the original text of the submitted abstract will be printed without any changes or corrections in the final abstract book.


Abstracts must be submitted online via the SAS website by 28th February 2017.
Upon submission, authors must select the relevant category (Research, Clinical, Training, Service quality), and specify whether it is a case report. Submitters must indicate the time needed for their presentation: 4, 8 or 10 minutes. It is up to the discretion of the Secretary General and the Scientific Committee to resize the length of the presentation, if necessary. Case reports will automatically be given a presentation time of 4 minutes.

The accepted file type for abstract submissions is a Microsoft Word Document.
The attached
Example Abstract 1.Example Abstract 2, will clarify these formatting instructions.


• Abstract titles need to be submitted in a Title Case format, capitalizing the first letter of each word. For example: "Insulin Regulates the Efficacy of Nitric Oxide in Type 1 Diabetes". Double-space after title.

• Make it short and specific. The body of the abstract should follow logically from the title.



• First name (middle initial if desired), Last name (asterisk if not SAS member).
• Please do not add degree–M.D., Sc.D., etc.
• Please underline the name of the corresponding author who should be notified of the Committee’s decision.
• If you are requesting non-member presentation, please italicize that author’s name.
• Double-space after the list of names.

Body of Abstract:

• Single-space within the text, but double space between paragraphs.
• Please do not indent.
• Underline Methods, Results, and Conclusions (if citing).
• 250 words, 1page or less,
• 1 table OR 1 figure allowed.

After the body of the abstract, double-space and indicate the origin of the paper and include the email address of the corresponding member-author.

Write short biography (150 word limit) about the author.

Upload recent (3x4cm) photo.



For the 42nd SAS International Meeting, authors of accepted abstracts are asked to submit their presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote format to the Slide Centre two hours prior to their session. The use of personal laptops is not permitted. In case of any videos embedded within the presentations, authors are requested to bring the original source files in addition to their presentation. The slides should be prepared in 16:9 format, and SAS recommends the use of the International System of Units (SI) as the official measurement system. Should you have further requirements or necessities, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Authors are invited to come to the preview as soon as they arrive, to check the functioning of the presentation and videos upfront, avoiding unnecessary time pressure.


The allocated time for presentation is of either 4, 8 or 10 minutes.
Speakers must adhere to the given minutes, as the presentation will be stopped as soon as the time is up.


A preliminary program will be issued approximately four weeks prior to the Annual Meeting (by 31st March). Authors can check the SAS website at this time to view the date and time of their presentation.



After submission, the Scientific Committee will perform an anonymous evaluation and review of the abstracts. Only the best in each category, selected according to methodical criteria, are accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting. Information regarding acceptance/refusal of the abstracts will be issued in February 2017.

Accepted Abstracts

The person whose name appears as ‘first author’ will be presenting the submitted abstract. Onsite substitution of absent first authors by co-authors, or other participants to the meeting, will not be possible.
‘No show’ presentation of an accepted abstract, will be excluded from the final program and abstract book, and will not be considered as prerequisite of an application for SAS membership.
Without acceptable excuse, not-showing authors will be automatically excluded from paper submission to future SAS Meetings.

Multiple Submissions

SAS website accepts up to two (n. 2) abstracts per first author, however in case both abstracts pass review and make it to the final program, the author will choose one of the two abstracts. The second abstract will be automatically presented by the next co-author available. Attempts of submission after 2 abstracts will be rejected.


SAS has a strict policy against plagiarism, and has implemented software that verifies authenticity and originality of papers. Multiple submissions of the same abstracts with different authors, different titles, in different categories, submission of abstracts with similar texts, are strictly forbidden and will be immediately identified and lead to complete exclusion of the abstract(s) from further evaluation and complete exclusion of the author(s) from future SAS Meetings.
In accordance with SAS by-laws, authors are requested to be sensitive to, and show respect for, ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender diversity.